Confused at Best

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Perhaps he’s right, but I couldn’t have loved him even if I had tried. There was nothing inside of him for me and I doubt he would have found anything in me.

and maybe she knows something I don’t know, but I’m too scared to leave here. 


Not quite recent and I guess it was some sort of break up


I think that I’m thoughtful, and I really care about the people I love. I like that I’m trying to better myself, I like that I don’t have a temper, and I like that I’m okay at baking. 

This was really hard and I get that the point of this was supposed to make me feel good about myself, but it made me feel both bad for not being able to think of 5 things quickly and guilty for saying that I like anything about myself out of fear of seeming conceited. 

I don’t want to make anyone go through the internal conflict I went through but if you want to do it pretend that I asked you to. 


I know that you mean well, but it’s a complicated situation. I’m trying my best to handle it and I’d really appreciate it if you wouldn’t bring this up. Also, why are you telling me this on my tumblr? 

Uncertainty is the worse, and I wonder if I should go back to Boston this year. 

Syllables stick to my tongue like cotton balls, and thoughts rot in my head because each one feels more maudlin than the next.

He’s falling apart slowly and he looks so sad when he tries to smile. 


Sorry.  I’ve been kind of stuck in my own head these days. 


sorry, i’ve been ignoring most people if that makes you feel better.